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Prognathodes guyanensis thumbnail

Hiroyuki Tanaka @ Prognathodes guyanensis am 01.06.05

West Indies, southern Caribbean to Guyana; 13 cm
Deepwater species, 60-200 meters depth; highly unlikely available; similar to P.aya but has one more band on body posteriorly; I photographed it in a shop in Saitama; easy to keep, but adapts cooler water temperature only

Prognathodes dichrous thumbnail

Hiroyuki Tanaka @ Prognathodes dichrous am 01.06.05

Mid Atlantic, St. Helena and Ascension Islands; 16 cm; extremely rare
Coffee brown with a white area; very close to P.obliquus from St. Paul’s Rocks, off Brazil; scarce in market, only a few have been imported; I took this in Saitama; easy to keep but adapts cooler waters only

Parachaetodon ocellatus thumbnail

Hiroyuki Tanaka @ Parachaetodon ocellatus am 01.06.05

Western Pacific to Indonesia; 18 cm; uncommon
Seen in Ogasawara but not from Okinawa; schooling; a black spot persists in large adults; fairly difficult to maintain

Heniochus chrysostomus thumbnail

Hiroyuki Tanaka @ Heniochus chrysostomus am 01.06.05

Western Pacific; 18 cm; very common
Seen mainly in summer to autumn; easy to keep

Forcipiger flavissimus thumbnail

Hiroyuki Tanaka @ Forcipiger flavissimus am 01.06.05

Indo-w.Pacific, Red Sea, e.African coast to s.Japan to Australia, Hawaii, and to Galapagos Islands; 22 cm; very common. Very similar to F.longirostris, but has a shorter snout; sometimes refuses food

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